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Name/Nickname: Rowan hawes/Schwanz~sama
Age: 17
What gender would you like to be rated as?: Male/Female/Doesn’t matter:  Doesnt Matter
Likes:  I dont have anything i specifically like.... just things i enjoy doing...I enjoy watching Gladiator (or any violent historical movies) I enjoy straightening my hair, I enjoy listening to Cradle of Filth and i enjoy those rare beautiful moments in life which dont come along very often. Yeah that sounds liek a load of sh*t but i actually cant think of anything that i like at the moment...i am not good at expressing my point across a keyboard!
Dislikes: A lot of things...as well as a lot of people. I get annoyed too easily...like by little kids screaming or by people interrupting me when i talk. I also dislike ladders...dont ask and people who get all squeamish at a bit of blood!
Hobbies &/or Talents: Feh...i have a photographic memory and if something interests me than i can excell in that field. I have a good poker face and can wrap my legs around my head...not that you need to know
Favorite color: Night Black or Blood Red
Favorite season: Winter...i hate the sun
Strong points: Individuality, Sense of Humour, Confidence, Honesty, Nobility, Intelligence, Determination, Ruthlessness and Strength
Weaker points: Arrogance, Cold heartedness,  Clumsiness, Violence, Superiority Complex, Megalomaniacal tendencies, Insanity, Laziness, Pervertedness, Snobbery and Bad spatial awareness 
Goals in life: To be succesful would be nice but most of all i guess i want to die with no regrets!
Favorite quote & why: Its got to be something meaningful right?

"It is an evil place strong with the dark side of the force" - Yoda
"Why whats in there?" - Luke
"Only what you take with you" - Yoda

How far would you go for someone you love?: I would kill for them but to die for them would be entirely different i only want to go when i have done everything i set out to do
What’s the best emotion you can feel?: Rage...it gives you strength
What’s the worst emotion you can feel?: When people make you feel sorry for them...the name doesnt come to me right now ... compassion?
If your life was a book, what would the title be?: To be continued...
What song describes you persective on life the most?: Bon Jon Jovi - its My Life
What are you willing to sacrifice for your wishes?: My soul
Favorite character & why: Its a toss up between three Holland Novak, Lieutenant Dominic Sorel and Colonel Dewey Novak
Anything else: OMG! Ur aLl FaGZ I H8 U!!! (yeah i was being silly and taking the piss out of emos/Gaara so dont take that on board!)
How did you find this community: A link from another community
Please link the links to the two members you voted on:

There was only one app to vote on!
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