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Name/Nickname: Sandra/Lhy, Bella, Cat.
Age: 18
What gender would you like to be rated as?: Male/Female/Doesn’t matter Female, please.

Likes:Reading, mostly and watching movies/tv shows. I enjoy playing videogames, walking on the beach when it's winter. I like creating original characters and their storyline, also RPing. I like spending time with my friends, obviously, and family but I also enjoy my time alone. I love the scent and flavor of strawberry aswell. Winter, Autumn.
Dislikes:Rude people. Lack of pontuality, unappreciated sarcasm. Summer, spring. Allergies. Cheese. Beach when it's summer. Stupidity. Hysteric fangirls. Hysterism at all.
Hobbies &/or Talents:As I said, reading, watching movies and creating characters. Walking and spending time with friends/family.
Favorite color: Black, red and white/beige
Favorite season: Winter and Autumn

Strong points: I'm pretty sure of what I am and what I'm not. Sarcastic, friendly and caring. Intelligent.
Weaker points: I'm bossy at times and I tend to overthink things

Goals in life: To open my own kindergarden, finally finish some good manga-project. And being a mom falls on this too I suppose
Favorite quote & why: "It's still winter in my wonderland" because, somehow, I identify myself with it.
How far would you go for someone you love?: Farthest than it's humanly possible.
What’s the best emotion you can feel?: Love. Any kind of love, there's nothing line feeling loved by your family, friends or special someone.
What’s the worst emotion you can feel?: Loneliness.
If your life was a book, what would the title be?: "When every girl wanted to be a ballerina, I wanted to be a vampire"... I don't know, I suck with tittles.
What song describes you persective on life the most?: Our Lives - The Calling or Ironic - Alanis Morissete.
What are you willing to sacrifice for your wishes?: As much as possible, as long as I don't forget to live at the fullest nor hurt anyone in the process.

Favorite character & why: Eureka and Renton. I just love their relationship and personalities.

Anything else: You tell me
How did you find this community: serah showed it to me.
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