Rebecca of Green Gables (aikochan) wrote in eureka7_rating,
Rebecca of Green Gables

I Can Fly!

Name/Nickname: Rebecca. The nicknames are too numerous to list.
Age: Nineteen.
What gender would you like to be rated as?: Absolutely doesn't matter.

Likes: Trees, tea, sweaters, bicycles, pumpkins, holding hands, freckles, rain, acorns, old things - basically I am a creature of small pleasures. I love autumn, animals, theatre, learning, long conversations, cooking and baking, early mornings, late nights, hugs, and so many more things, I could go on forever. I also like etiquette, good posture, and general old-fashioned manners.
Dislikes: Red jellybeans, tension, when people can't talk without being perverse, being late, doing a shoddy bit of work, vomiting, acne.
Hobbies &/or Talents: Theatre (primarily acting, but I'm studying all areas and am also interested in directing, design, and costume construction), drawing, photography, writing, cooking and baking, taking walks. I also enjoy sweeping floors and raking leaves.
Favorite color: Orange. Followed closely by red, yellow, green, and brown.
Favorite season: Autumn. Everything about it. I feel more like myself during autumn than any other time.

Strong points: Intelligent, good imagination, sensitive/sensual (in the sense of having keen sensory perception), sympathetic, loving, generous, trustworthy, dependable.
Weaker points: Insecure, dependent, melodramatic, passive-aggressive, internalizes negativity, non-confrontational, anxious, needy.

Goals in life: Overcome my inhibitions, be a good wife and mother, work in theatre, travel, never stop being able to perceive the beauty in all things.
Favorite quote & why: "The true meaning of life is to plant trees under whose shade you do not expect to sit." I truly believe we live to love, guide, and support one another, and that others are more important than ourselves. A life of humility and selflessness (though certainly with some "me-time" - there's nothing wrong with that now and then!) is the most honorable life.
How far would you go for someone you love?: I'd do anything except compromise my deepest principles, morals, and ethics.
What’s the best emotion you can feel?: Peace.
What’s the worst emotion you can feel?: Loneliness and apathy.
If your life was a book, what would the title be?: In the Morning Hours.
What song describes you persective on life the most?: I consider "On Distant Shores" by Five Iron Frenzy and "Truth and Bone" by Heather Nova to be my "personal theme songs," if that answers your question.
What are you willing to sacrifice for your wishes?: See the question about how far you'd go for one you love.

Favorite character & why: Renton: for the path he takes in growing into a wonderful man. Maurice: for similar reasons - his passionate inner world versus his colder exterior, all the big things inside such a small young man and how he grows into those parts of himself. Talho: for similar reasons (we see a pattern!), how she learns to deal with her emotions more maturely and focus toward the future.

Anything else: I love giraffes.
How did you find this community: My sister suzanami referred me.
Please link the links to the two members you voted on: suzanami and neverwillifall.

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You remind me of Eureka because you listed that you can be insecure but at the same time, you sound compassionate and motherly, just like how I picture Eureka being.
Maeter, Maeter, Maeter!!!
I'm leaning more towards none other than Eureka herself.
Eureka :3 ♥
I see both but more Eureka XD

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