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So I'm thinking I talk too much.

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i can flyy like a bird.

Name/Nickname: V.
Age: Sweet sixteen.
What gender would you like to be rated as?: I'd say female, but if I'm a Norb, so be it;)  
Likes: Ooh. Men, for one (a wide variety). Sweet lolita is darling. All things that are pink. Food - sweets in particular. Jane Austen. Romance, though not contaminated with sex and sluts. Cocktail dresses and dresses that accentuate figure. Daisies. OH, and washboard abs.
Dislikes: Angst. Pessimists. Rudeness. Arrogance. Bugs. Pain.
Hobbies &/or Talents: TALKING is the only thing I'm good at. I like singing, too, although I have no talent.
Favorite color: Pink. Oh, pink.
Favorite season Spring for it's flowers, and because frequent allergies make everyone so polite with the frequent "God bless you's".
Strong points: Talking, I think. And I'm happy a lot.
Weaker points: I think I come off as annoying. My pain tolerance is low. Ooh, and resisting temptation, which is why I will never be thin.
Goals in life: A career as a nurse, to be a housewife, and to have three children and be happily married.
Favorite quote & why: Og Mandino. 'I seek constantly to improve my manners and graces, for they are the sugar to which all are attracted.' Because I feel this is, personality-wise, my goal.
How far would you go for someone you love?: I would die for people I love, but I'm selfish in that when I imagine myself in a situation where that would be required, I fear how much pain I'd have to endure.
What’s the best emotion you can feel?: Love - not just romantic, all love.
What’s the worst emotion you can feel?: Arrogance. It is my worst fear that I am/will become conceited one day.
If your life was a book, what would the title be?: She Is Tickle-Me-Pink. 
What song describes your perspective on life the most?: Something Beautiful by Newsboys.
What are you willing to sacrifice for your wishes?: I don't need to sacrifice for my wishes. all I need is to see others happy, and I'm all good:)
Favorite character & why: I love Dr Bear. He's brilliant, but so earnestly working for the good of the people. He's easily happy just by being with the person he loves (Mischa). Plus, he stows candy on his person. He is a role model.
Anything else: I've talked too much again.
How did you find this community: Avid Eureka Seven love.
Please link the links to the two members you voted on: One, Two buckle my shoe. 

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