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I Can Fly! - Re-Stamp App

I was first stamped as Moondoggie quite a while ago, and I think I've changed a tad since then. Plus, I don't like Moondoggie :|

Name/Nickname: The Jester, Miki
Age: N/A, over 16
What gender would you like to be rated as?: Male, please.

Likes: Yaoi, anime, manga, science, cats/kittens, video games(RPGs), chemistry, mecha, tea/coffee, Greek history/mythology. I also like being in charge, although I'm not that good at it(but I'm getting better ahaha *shot*).
Dislikes: Loud and sudden noises, big dogs, spiders/bugs, being ignored, being interupted, preps, homophobes
Hobbies &/or Talents: Drawing, reading, writing, singing to myself, playing piano, playing the ocarina, 4chan
Favorite color: Blue and white. They're very crisp and clean looking. I enjoy that D:
Favorite season: Fall/Autumn. It's not freezing, but it's perfect weather to wear sweaters and scarfs~

Strong points: Family and friends, my mad computer skillz, I'm a problem solver, I'm cunning, I'm very straight-forward and I'm tough to get things done.
Weaker points: Also my family and friends, I can't run for shit, bad ankles/ribs, easily distracted, I'm overly paranoid, and I have a BAAAAAAAAAD temper

Goals in life: Being well-known by the end of my life
Favorite quote & why: You can find both of them over here. I find the first one to be very true, and I just find the second one funny.
How far would you go for someone you love?: Love? ...I'd die for them. No matter how I would die, I would die for them.
What’s the best emotion you can feel?: The best emotion? Er,... Happiness, I suppose? But happiness can be brought by many different things, both bad and good.
What’s the worst emotion you can feel?: Pain. Mostly emotional. No one likes emotional pain, I'm sure. I know I don't.
If your life was a book, what would the title be?: "Snow Falls and Rocks Roll" The basic meanings of life in a book. How my life has it's ups and downs, and how my life would end, as everything else eventually does. ...I sound like a hippie lmao.
What song describes you persective on life the most?: I couldn't name such a song. There isn't one.
What are you willing to sacrifice for your wishes?: For my wishes? Almost anything, except for my loved ones.

Favorite character & why: Holland. Why; I've loved him since the first time I saw him. He's a tough-guy, but he has his soft spots. He's also be known to have funny times too |3 Plus he's adorable when he's flushed hfesklhfdsk

Anything else: Is it odd I like Hap/Holland? D':
How did you find this community: Pffffffffff, I found this a long time ago. Can't remember where.
Please link the links to the two members you voted on: Here and here. Among many others, too.
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I'm gonna have to go with Dewey just because the way your present your application; very straight to the point and well thoughtout. I like the title for your book too! That's cool. Sounds a lot like what Dewey might answer to that question.
EW REALLY? D: I've never actually seen myself as Dewey. Hm, this is interesting. I've always thought of myself as Holland, despite the fact that I can't lead for shit.

asdf thank you for your vote though.
A cunning problem solver who gets things done? Sounds like Holland to me *shrug*
You sound like a Dominic to me; you have a sense of emotion that portrays you personality as a serious determined one, OR just laid back and fun-loving. Dominic shares both the quality of a determined man and someone who can take a joke; he even reacts emotionally just like you said you do!
--But I do see Holland in you too.
The bad temper gives off this Holland vibe
I think you sound like a Holland :]
this is my first vote,
so i don't know if this
is actually influential,
but i visualize holland.